Our Team


Meggyn WatkinsMeggyn Watkins

Executive Director.
Fiction reader, local art prowler, concert-goer, BBC watcher, world traveler, and San Jose Sharks lover!

Alyssa KurtzmanAlyssa Kurtzman

Communications Co-Director.
Content Manager at @Cliptamatic. Life mantra: It's never too hot for soup.

Anastasia HeuerAnastasia Heuer

President & Founder.
When she’s not writing, you can find her on the road in search of the world’s best hot chocolate, trying not to burn down her kitchen, or in a park somewhere with a good book.

Jennifer DorseyJennifer Dorsey

Communications Co-Director.
Reader, writer, nerdfighter, musical theater geek, travel enthusiast, and Harry Potter nerd.

Chris CuylerChris Cuyler

Business Development Lead. Chasing the forefront of all things cool. Devourer of content, endorphin junkie, back woods adventurer, Documentarian of fun!

Remi CoinRemi Coin

Creative Director.
Storytelling fiend with nomadic tendencies. Will Work For: Coffee, boat shoes, glow sticks and friendship.