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Ever received a patronizing “Everybody knows that”? That’s all well and good but, seriously, how did they know how to do that?!

You are not alone. Moments like these are exactly why we created the UNDERenlightened.

We are a community of writers, dreamers, and thinkers committed to the belief that through sharing our individual experiences and knowledge, we are creating a place where no one has to feel embarrassed, scared, or overwhelmed about anything they do not yet know.

You don’t know everything. Neither do we.

Meet our team.


Enlightenment should be accessible to everyone no matter their age or experience level.

It’s time to stop pretending like anyone has a handle on this whole adulthood thing. No one has it all figured out. We aim to cast out the assumption that, at any age, you should already know how to do something. To that end, we strive to make no assumptions about prior knowledge in our articles.

Life can be made easier through the power of shared knowledge and experience.

We believe the best way to learn is from one another, so our articles come from the personal experiences of real people. By pooling our collective knowledge, we can help each other through our follies and triumphs.

Learning should be fun, mistakes should be funny, and lessons should be valuable.

There are plenty of bland, boring how-to resources out there, but we know stumbling through this whole adulthood thing can get pretty ridiculous. We would rather figure it all out together in a fun, supportive, and engaging way.

Enlightenment should be tested and questioned.

If enlightenment were straightforward, we wouldn’t be here. We believe all enlightenment should be tested and questioned, including what we publish. We will periodically publish follow ups and we encourage you to test our how-tos and tell us about it!

The UNDERenlightened is, first and foremost, a community—we are here to help each other.

Want to get involved? Here are two ways:

Want to provide enlightenment? Have something that you want to share? Join us!

Need help/advice/reassurance/moral support/or just want to suggest something for us to talk about? Let us know!

Contact Us

For general inquires, please email us at info@theunderenlightened.com

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