Let’s Ask: Where do we go for style advice?

After the success this week’s “What do we wear?”, we thought we finish off Style week with a quick survey of where we get our style advice:


“I never have to go to the mall again. They send me stuff I would never buy and I love it any way. I now have grownup clothes”

“Stitchfix is awesome because they send me clothes every month and I only have to pay for the ones I keep. They assign a stylist to look at my profile, my Pinterest, etc. and try to help me improve my wardrobe.”


“Modcloth is awesome because it’s preppy and quirky yet very professional, so it’s easy for me to find clothes that I can wear for both personal and work events.”

What Not To Wear on TLC

“I’ve watched enough What Not To Wear I don’t need style advice websites anymore. What Not To Wear is all about cut and dressing you for you. It’s not about what’s on trend right now so that’s why I feel the tips last forever!!!”

Some others… Style.com or Poorlittleitgirl.com

And, of course, there’s always good ol’ people watching…

Where do you go for your fashion advice?

Photo by Anastasia Heuer

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