We Don’t Know: Where 3D Printing Will Take Us

A year ago, many people barely understood what 3D printing was. Now, everything from cars to shoes to violins, even pizza (yes, you can eat it) are able to be 3D printed. The combinations (and the customization) are endless.

In the medical world, 3D printing could change the way patients receive transplants. We can already print human kidneys and say goodbye to sonograms because now you can buy a 3D printed, life-size replica of your unborn fetus! (He/She/It comes in it’s very own satin-lined wooden box.) Printer’s have come a long way from printing on 2D paper.

These inventions make a compelling case for the important uses of 3D printing, but with printers now available for around $2000, and the instructions for how to print 3D guns widely available, is there a line to be drawn?

Photo by Remi Coin

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